Isnin, 25 Januari 2010

the red gate

slh er klu pnjt pgr for a reason?.some people xleh trime ap y kmi pk..they think of themselves and yeah right..they can judge whatever whoever they all means,it's a free world..but even so,they don't have the rights to extrapolate cte th..they've got no rights at all to insult us that bad..we girls have feelings..and what you see outside may not be the same as the inside..

those y xtw cte sbnr bleh r wt mke sgle..i knew what we did was wrong..but..we didn't do it just for fun..we didn't do it for fame..we didn't do it to show how good or how bad we are..those who think so,it's up to you i said it's a free world..

aniwe,things can do..there's no way time could be turned to fix those we did wrong..why r?.people just can't accept what they should?.like they were good enough to say this and blame whoever they wanted..nobody should be blamed..

but believe me,we did not had any intentions to pnjt that red gate..those y tw cte sbnr knew why we did it and how we did it..those y xtw ap2,x yah sebok r nk tw..get the hell out of our way..we didn't even need you guys inn our life..thousands are waiting to pat us on our backs..we're not waiting for you guys..

never hope and never will..

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fara.n berkata...

ak sgt myokong ko!

mimi;die berkata...

pedulik ape org cakakp!!

arshie berkata...