Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

Am I wrong?

I was being bashed quite badly just for uploading a picture of me and a dog licking my face, on Facebook. My school teacher PMed me and asked for explanation, as to why I was eager enough to the extent of uploading a picture with a dog. My friend also PMed me, and asked me to change that picture into another one. My other friend said that it is wrong, and asked for explanation. 

I am currently at a lost of words. At first, I tend to ignore all these people for not truly understanding their own religion; I apologize if I hurt other people by saying this. Sekai wa zankokudesu, people just don't accept mere explanations.

What is wrong actually? I'm currently a third year veterinary medicine student of UPM. Was it wrong for a dog to lick my face? In the future, if Allah wills, I become a vet, would it be wrong if my patient starts showing affection? Do I have to shove it aside just because it licks my face and dirtying my clothes with its little paws? Should I go say to the owner of this dog that I don't treat dogs since my religion don't allow me to? Just because a few Malays don't quite understand how our Prophet have explained in His Hadith that I've been bashed this hard?

People, before you bash anyone, do some research at least. Proof to me that I'm wrong. Show me an Ayat for the Quran that says holding dogs is Haraam to Muslims. Show me proof that says holding a dog would be categorised as a large sin. I dare you to show me if you can.

If I'm wrong, then what does this Hadith tells you?

Sabda Nabi SAW; “Apabila anjing minum dalam bekas kamu, basuhlah bekas itu sebanyak tujuh kali” (Soheh al-Bukhari; 172. Soheh Muslim; 279/90. Dari Abu Hurairah RA)

That Hadith clearly states how to handle yourself after handling dogs. Why is it so difficult to understand? Nowadays we even have sabun taharah. Wouldn't that be enough?
I have cut open carcass of dogs countless times during my anatomy lab. If this is categorised as a large sin, then how many time have I sinned these 3 years just for holding dogs? If I'm wrong, proof to me that I'm wrong. I won't post up bizarre things just because I'm not ready for it. 

Ahad, 5 Mei 2013

Osaka: an experience

Day 1, 24th April 2013

Our flight that night from KLIA to KIX was at 2345. A late night flight. Bummer. Ayah was driving like crazy from UPM, Serdang to KLIA sbb time tu dah like 2045. That night, cuaca seriously dreadful plus traffic jam. Dreadful, for some, but as a Muslim, the rain should be considered as a rahmat from Allah though. Anyways, we reached KLIA aroung 2100 I guess. Immediately, ayah pergi check in baggage, pergi currency exchange counter, changed some RM to YEN, then terus pergi terminal after solat. We managed to catch the flight, alhamdulillah :)

Day 2, 25th April 2013

The next day, we reached Japan. Flight mendarat at 0530 something rasanye. Got past security and all, then our adventure at Osaka begins! We board a train kat Kansai Airport tu to stop at Universal City. In between, we stopped at Nishikujo to change route. Time tengah tunggu train tu, kitorg teruja tahap apa entah tengok seat train tu boleh pusing 180 degree. Haha. Macam apa entah.
Tren nh laa kerusi dy boleh pusing~
Inside the Kansai Airport railway ke Nishikujo
Lagi satu lagi teruja tengok bidet dalam ladies dekat airport. Nak tau bidet tu ape? Quite embarrassing to tell here though. Search yourselves then ayy? Around 1030, sampai Universal City, sebab lapar immediately singgah McD. Since we don't know whether beef and chicken dy have been halal slaughtered or not, Filet O' Fish was all to order then. Communication was not a problem though here since my ayah can speak Japanese and alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. FYI, the Japanese doesn't like to drink tea with sugar or to have their burgers and fries with ketchup. So then, you have to bear with no ketchup to go with your fries since there aren't any anyway. You can always ask for extra sugar though. And a kind reminder, the Japanese always clear up their tables after they eat. Leftover drinks went into separate places, as well as plastics and paper. Plus, I know the Malays like to duduk bersila time they eat anywhere, never do that in Japan though, unless you have your shoes off. Cleanliness and hygiene is quite strict here.

Universal Walk. Kat sini ada plenty tmpt makan
Our hotel, Hotel Universal Port
Before ke Kaiyukan, singgah kat Universal Studios dulu

Ferry ke Tempozan ferris wheel 
Outside the Kaiyukan :)
Right after that, kitorg pergi on foot ke Tempozan ferry terminal to take a ferry to the Osaka Kaiyukan after leaving our luggage and stuff at the Universal Port Hotel. The ferry ride was free and a nice one. Nasib baik sekejap je, lama lama boleh mabuk. Haha. Sampai kat Kaiyukan, ktorg beli tiket and masuk dalam! The ticket cost 2300 yen, but it's worth it sbb dlm dy jaw-dropping sangat. Here are a few snapshots ..

The ticket that costs 2300 yen
Masuk masuk je terus jumpa bridge ni. Seriously mengagumkan!

Amazing tahap gaban~!
Ketam besar!
Never to worry kalau masuk Kaiyukan tu. Pamphlets are available in Japanese, Korean and also English. So you'll never get lost. Plus, dalam ade banyak sangat signboard to anywhere, and dekat setiap checkpoint, dy bagi lots of info. Walk dalam tu tak silap ada laa dalam ratus meter gak, tp tak ingat berape. Haa. Anyways, the fun part dalam Kaiyukan ni masa time dekat dekat nak keluar tu. Ada satu checkpoint tu, dy kasi kita pegang shark and ikan pari. Waaa~ Teruja yang amat, tp do remember to wash your hands before and after :)
Pari 'petting zoo' :D
An extinct species, dy ade macam horn unicorn gitu

That ends the first day. Ktorg balik hotel feeling satisfied even when kaki sakit sbb jalan banyak sangat. But, our journey tak berhenti sampai sini tau~ Check out our hotel room :)


Bragging :P Bidet dy best!