Khamis, 28 Julai 2011

saat kebosanan.

disaat2 bosan macam ni kan..mula la kita fikir macam2.pasal sekolah dulu2 kala laa.pasal idol2 korea laa.xpon pasal result periksa yang memang kadang2 sgt mendukacitakn jiwa seorg some times u'll think about what ur future might look like and what're the obstacles that might be ahead of u.people usually and usually think only 'bout the good ones.'cause that's what they really look for.not to exclude,me.ahah.hope mine WILL be a bright one.insya-Allah~

and at times.u'll be really mad or frustrated with something that tears swell in the corner of ur eyes and flow down ur cheeks.that has happen so many times.not to mention a gazillion times.but i'm being real cool 'bout it here.crying really are not for crybabies only.tough people also times, i mean .. grab a shoulder if u find one.if not, ur hands are enough.i usually use mine.ha2^^

pathetic ain't it?.but i don't's my place after all.