Isnin, 16 Jun 2014

to the future you, be tough :)

it's been like what, 8 months since my last post? I almost forgot that I have a site of mine to rant out stuffs. well, this year's a hectic one. it's our 6th semester of our third year, forgetting stuffs is not all that weird when you have classes and tests and practical tests and quizzes and oral exams and presentations and assignments. believe me, I've suffered and endured worst.

this sem's actually the toughest of all other sems. we started surgery this year and there's osce, kind of like a practical test for communication and clinical skills. a situation's given, like there's this fractious dog, then you have to show the examiner how to muzzle him and how to perform veinpuncture on him. stuffs like jumbled up words and shaking hands are common among us.

that was that, but what was even funnier was during our surgery practical test. at one station, there was this chicken drumstick and you've to show how to do two simple interrupted knots. it was easy as pie, since you've practiced but I was shaking like Allah-knows-how. I managed two though, on time and all. who wouldn't shiver when two clinicians were like staring at how you hold the needle driver, how you keep the forceps and how you handle the needle. what more nervous is that one of the examiners is your own PA? oh Allah help me. that went with flying colours though, shaking and all

this week's our finals. two more papers to go. may Allah ease our journey to do what we love best, and may Allah guide us no matter how hard this journey is, no matter how steep the hill is, don't fear for Allah will be there, that particular time, that particular moment, whenever and wherever :)