Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

i'm dying of boredom..

total boring-ness(what kind of word is that anyway?.)..huhh..never mind..seriously,the thought of living at home is heaven turns out the other way round..the best part is you don't need to study anymore and the fact that you're older than any school kids..except the sixth formers..well,they're still older anyhow..
now..i'm at home livin' with my older sis and my two younger brothers..my other two younger sisters are currently staying in the same hostel..at first,i thought it would be awesome havin' the room to my own but it turns out you'll feel lonely anyhow..there's always a feeling that something's missin'..but i hate to admit it..ha3

3 ulasan:

nawal berkata...

ecah, ko keje ke?

aRcHaNgeL~ berkata...

dok.sy tdk bkerja..
npe kak?.
ko lk?.

fara.n berkata...

mek..sian kwn ak ih mti kbosnn