Ahad, 6 Mei 2012

wanting just as much

at times when your rezeki just keeps pouring in and does not stop, you tend to want doing lots of things. even if, you're not sure at what cost and at what purpose. it's quite disturbing actually. wanting to do something but not being able to ..

you know what i mean, right?

although studying should be put forward, it's not a sin to try something new and try to involve in something you fall in love with. for now though, that has to wait ..

Rabu, 11 April 2012


quite a lot has happened during these past few months. and what I mean with a lot, means quite a lot. not to mention it was already another new year. it has been a busy year. but, it started of pretty well. surprise, surprise~ I've got an A- for my physiology test. great,huh?

surprisingly, it has been another semester for me as a DVM student. hard work though. lots to cope on. but learning's an adventure right? so, just lay back and do what you think is right. stay on the right path and don't fall off. life here asks you to stand on your own. even with friends on all sides ..

music can help. as it helps brighten up mine. maybe yours will too.