Khamis, 30 Jun 2011

current mood : dissapointed

stephen king's under the dome was much to a dissapointment for me. and why?. it was mostly because of it's sarcasm towards Islam. even if you're not a Muslim doesn't mean you can senang-senang je kutuk agama orang lain. what if a Muslim suddenly do that same sarcasm towards you Christians. of course you would be against it.

and I know I've kinda overeacted here. tapi kalau kutuk sekali takpe la kan. tapi ni sampai tiga kali. baru half buku. tu tak masuk pasal hero dy lagi. a retired army who once served at Iraq and was really proud of pointing a gun at an Iraqi. and lagi, hati seorang Muslim mane yg tak tersentap when someone of another religion cakap pasal 'Hindu Mosques'?. since when Hindu's prayed at Mosques?. really.

not to mention dy kutuk how we Islam perform solahs. ade sorg woman dlm novel ni yg hentak kepala dy kt lantai then dy compare dgn satu jockey yg sdg salute Allah.even if I don't know exactly what a jockey is but.. yaa~!. ade kitorg kutuk cara anda pray to ur God in any of our works?. so why bring that up?. you've got no rights exactly. zero rights. we Muslims would never do the same even if it's the end of the world itself.

stephen king's actually one of my most respectable authors other than jk rowling. but serta merta. terus hilang macam tu je. tahu la encik berpengaruh tapi tak payah la kan. hish. whatever it is, hope there would be no more sarcasm towards the end. three is more than enough la uncle. enough is really enough ..

Isnin, 27 Jun 2011

banned !

that day was a normal day. class starts and ends the way it should. and through gaps, we would lay back and listen not to mention watch as well videos being shown in front of that large screen. and every time, it would be either bruno mars or even taylor swift. kalau sekali sekala it would be fun. but everyday?. come on laa. respect other people's thoughts as well

even if i once to was a hardcore in listening to eng songs, but that was 2 years back. long enough to be forgotten. now.. i'm proud to say that i'm more interested in korean songs rather than english ones. it's because of their dance moves and such. DAEBAK~!

walaupun hanya segelintir yang minat k-pop b'sama saya. please laa. don't kutuk others in front of others. mmg laa kita patut minat lagu2 melayu tapi anda sendiri pun tak dengar sangat lagu melayu. buat apa kutuk orang?.

satu hari tu my friend and i try laa pasang lagu beast fiction at that huge screen tapi on the spot diorg suruh tutup. tp my friend and i buat pekak. pasang pulak u-kiss man man hani. lagi la kena. bising je diorg ni. sumbat stokin kang baru tau. sekali sekala try la jugak ikut flow orang. takkn org je yang nk kena ikut flow dy. sorry laa. first time dengar mmg takkn minat. tapi kalau da minat, there's no turning back ..

tolong laa. mmg kesian la kt my friend th. dy kata "len kali kte x leh bukak korea lah echa. kena banned kot.." ak pon berkate " xp..".hmm. n next time we won't ..