Khamis, 20 Ogos 2009



i hate my i really have to be such an idiot..??this life sucks when there's lots of things that you don't want to..happens!it really do sucks..hate using such nasty can do..i can't take it anymore!

even must go on..let out the busuks and take the wangi..maybe there's something for me ahead after all this I've gone what Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah said in one of his ceramah's..

"ALLAH kalau nak beri kegemilangan pada hambanya,,DIA akan mulakan dengan musibah.."

i'll keep that phrase in's true if you guys think about it for a moment..but that 'musibah' is something that sometimes..a hamba cannot handle at all..maybe my iman is not strong all those para Wali's and Rasul's..i'm way too worst to be compared to them..but..there's a verse in the Holy Quran..

"ALLAH tidak akan menguji seorang hambanya tidak lebih dari kemampuannya.."

that's what i believe..and it WILL be what i always believe..ALLAH knows what's right and what's for us..and as a hamba to the ALMIGHTY..i have to accept all that's fated to me even if i'm half insane about all these that has happened to me.. must go on..whatever happens..come hell or high water..i'll be a strong hamba in whatever situation it is..maybe ALLAH wanna show me something that i don't know..something that no one will even thought of..maybe..just'll never know until you try..tak kenal maka tak chenta,,right?

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sarah iman berkata...

good ecah
be strong k

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u can


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thnx guys.

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aisyah boley.
saya b0ley.
sumer b0ley!