Jumaat, 17 Julai 2009


seperti yg SHAKESPEARE kte..

"life's but a walking shadow.."

mst korg ingtkn ayat nh..ad dlm sajak dy yg famous th..ap kok..??x ingt r..huk3..owhhh..tjuk dy LIFE'S BRIEF CANDLE..ingt kn3..??sjk th byk ngajar ak about life and the way to live in it actually..ayt th je da byk mksud dy..dy kte khidupn itu spti byg2 yg bgrk2..mmg r..nh translation melayu er..tp btul r..smbong ag poem th..

"..a poor player.."
"that struts and frets his hour upon the stage.."

dy ckp cm pelakon pulak..yg mhbskn mse dy ats pnts th..that player struts and frets..that what he says..wasting hours upon the stage..cm th r idop..kte nh idop wt memcm..nme famous kemain ag..ckp nme sume org knl..tp..

"and then it is heard no more.."

msti r org th mati kn..ble org th da xde,,xde spe pon kesah..org da x ingt da pon tat dy..pergi cm gth er..len r femly n spupu spapat dy kn..humm..

"it is a tale.."
"told by an idiot,,full of sound and fury.."

it IS like a tale..a fairytale..told by a person,,a human being..telling all the people about it..semngt org th cerite..tp org len cm x kesah er..cyan mmt th..

"signifying nothing.."

laz2ny xde pape pon..menyedehkn pny ending..sdey2..cmth r idop snany..tp itu dr pndgn org puteh yg tataw ap2 pon tntg dnie akhirat..yg x jelas tntg kpecayaan dorg..xkn org islam nk biar idop dorg cm gth er kn..ble mti abes cmth er..th sbb ad hds yg kte..

ble kte mti nanti..xde pape yg kte akn bwk sme2 kte kcuali 3 mnde er..
amln kte..ilmu yg diamalkn..n doa ank2 soleh..klu da jdk mk bpk r..hoho..th sbb kne stat dri skrg klu nk slmt..haha..

think about it..mybe what i'm pratting didn't give anything to some of you..but this is what life is about..rite..??

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